You can't count on health insurance, disability, or even Medicare, to cover your long-term care expenses.

Learn About Long-Term Care

Long-term care may not be what you think.  It isn’t just for the elderly, and it isn’t just about nursing homes. It’s about having the assistance you need during an extended illness or injury at any time of life.  Here you can learn the basics of long-term care, explore your options, and separate fact from fiction.


Assess Your Need

Long-term care costs can be very expensive.  Here you can take a look at your risk factors for needing long-term care and find out how much different services cost in your area. This will help give you the knowledge and guidance to help you develop a plan to secure your future.


Create Your Plan

Long-term care is part of any good financial plan. But, there’s more than just the financial aspect to consider.  Here you’ll learn about your financing options, and find tips for talking with your family, preparing your home, legal and advance care planning considerations, and much more.